Life is very precious...

(School will be dismissed early tomorrow for Qingming Festival)

During the fourth period today, the class leader pulled up the curtains in our classroom halfway through the lesson, and I had a sense that something significant was about to happen. Two years ago on Qingming Festival, a senior student from our junior high school had jumped off a building in the residential area and committed suicide. When I heard this news in the car, I suddenly felt inexplicably sad. Perhaps this was the first time I had heard of someone so close to me experiencing such a tragedy.

Sure enough, more and more teachers and school leaders arrived, including two psychology teachers (two-thirds of them). I had a sense in my heart.

A crying girl was helped out by the class leader.

Class was over. "Now it's a normal dismissal." Our Chinese teacher paused for a moment in the auditorium, and a group of people stood on the corridor on the right side of the classroom, opposite the windows.

Afterwards, I went to the neighboring class to inquire about the situation from acquaintances.

Thankfully, that girl did not jump.

(Later I heard that someone saw the principal, the neighboring class teacher, and the girl's parents in the library)

If possible, who would want such incidents to happen every year?

Precious life, I sincerely hope that this unknown girl can overcome the shadows, live a healthy life, not out of mere kindness and sympathy, but simply because wasting a life feels unworthy...

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